Author: David Klepper

ELECTROACOUSTICS, by Mendel Kleiner: A Book Review

“All the theory needed for loudspeaker, earphone, and microphone design.” CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) 2013, 596 pages, hard cover, ISBN 978-1-4398-3618-7 Reviewed By David Lloyd Klepper Mendel Kleiner, emeritus professor at Sweden’s Chalmers University, reminds me of Frank Julian Sprague, who developed the multiple unit control for the front railway car to control the motors in many following railway cars, essential for all of today’s subway trains and other rail applications, even diesel locomotives. After developing a patentable electro-pneumatic control for Westinghouse, first applied to Chicago’s South Side elevated in 1899, he then invented a competitive purely...

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Journey to Greatness, the story of Bruel and Kjaer

Editor’s Note March 6th, 2015 was Dr. Per Vilhelm Bruel’s 100th Birthday.  The Pro Audio Encyclopedia celebrates the occasion with this article by David Klepper. A Book Review by David Klepper This is a must read for anyone working in acoustics, whether architectural acoustics, community noise control, equipment and transportation noise and vibration control, sound reinforcement systems, home entertainment, recording, or whatever. Much of the important history of these fields can be found in this book, and not available elsewhere. For me, it compliments Sound Ideas, the history of Bolt Beranek and Newman, and Can You Hear Me? The...

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