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“Speech Intelligibility – a JBL Professional Technical Note” Technical Notes Volume 1, No. 26

1.  Introduction: The purpose of a sound system is to transmit information. In the case of public address, paging, voice alarm and speech reinforcement systems the object is to transmit intelligible speech to listeners and intended message recipients. This aspect is far more important than sound quality per se, since there is no point in designing a system if it cannot be understood or is incapable of ‘getting the message across.’ Although sound quality and speech intelligibility are inextricably linked, they are not the same. It is possible to have a poor sounding system that is highly intelligible (e....

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Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement: Chapter 2, PSYCHOACOUSTICS-HOW WE HEAR

Editor’s Note:  Written by John Eargle, and republished courtesy of Harman Professional, this article is Chapter 2 of a book he co-authored with Chris Foreman entitled “Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement”.  Eargle, who passed away in 2007, was JBL’s Vice President of Engineering for many years and became a well-known author and consultant.  He was a skilled recording engineer responsible for more than 250 CD releases and his work in cinema sound brought him a Technical Oscar in 2001.  Eargle’s many books on audio and acoustics are industry benchmarks and we are pleased to bring Pro Audio Encyclopedia readers...

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