Author: Keith Clark

Greater Efficiency: The Inner Workings Of Compression Drivers

Compression drivers and the horns that comprise the horn loudspeaker system have been a part of the audio industry from the very beginning of product development in sound reinforcement systems. As is true for cone loudspeakers, most of the early development in horn loudspeakers began when sound was first put to picture back in the 1930s when the first “talking films” were released. Since that time, compression driver technology coupled with horn development advances have been in the areas of materials science allowing improvements in power handling capacity, lower distortion levels, and improvement of directional characteristics of the horn...

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A Historical Look At Electro-Voice

By Keith Clark Editor’s note: This article was written in 2005. In 1927, Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs established the company Radio Engineers in the basement of the Century Tire and Rubber Company in South Bend, Indiana. At this site they first began producing microphones to use in their PA systems, and later to sell to people who couldn’t but them any other way. Kahn: “Lou Burroughs and I began an association that has been devoted to problem-solving, filled with excitement and a great deal of fun.” During the early months of 1930, Knute Rockne, the legendary football coach...

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