Author: Keith Clark

Building A Legacy: The Story Of Jensen Transformers

The name “Jensen” is likely familiar to many in the pro audio industry as a hallmark of technical excellence, particularly with respect to transformers. And that will live on, especially in light of Jensen Transformers recently becoming a member of the growing group of companies in the Radial Engineering stable. But the story of how that name came to prominence is assuredly not well known, and it’s a fascinating account. Born in 1942, Deane Jensen grew up in Princeton, NJ. His Norwegian father, Dr. Arthur S. Jensen, was a physicist who earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania,...

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The History of Audio and Sound Measurement

by Frederick J. Ampel and Ted Uzzle For four centuries, natural philosophers and scientists have sought to quantify and derive qualitative standards for sound. Today’s technology enables investigations into the finest detail and structure of sound and audio signals. In order to understand today’s sophisticated computerized measurement systems and place their capabilities in perspective, it is useful to examine, from historical and scientific perspectives, the technological developments and systems that gave birth to the science of audio measurement. At The Beginning For centuries it was thought that sound was so ephemeral that any attempt to capture it — to...

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The State Of Electro-Voice In 1953, By Company Founder Al Kahn

Editor’s Note: This copy is presented unedited, as written by Mr. Kahn, who is pictured above in the early 1950s. You’ll note that he’s a very good writer, with a clean, direct style. And, during the 1980s, E-V was shortened to EV. Lou Burroughs and I formed a partnership on September 1, 1927 to service radio receivers. Both of us were in our early twenties and had been radio experimenters for a number of years. The invested capital was $30.00 and a second-hand car. The firm prospered and within a year was the largest radio service shop in South...

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An Interview With Jim Long Of Electro-Voice

By Keith Clark Editor’s Note: This interview took place in July 2004. Jim Long has been a pro audio industry fixture for four decades (and counting), all of it with Electro-Voice (EV), where he recently marked his 40th anniversary. Jim’s long been known for a unique ability to explain audio techniques and concepts in simple, logical and just plain understandable ways. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re at an NSCA or InfoComm show, drop by the EV booth and take in one his presentations. I guarantee you’ll leave with a better understanding of something you thought you already knew,...

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RE/P Files: An Interview With George Martin At A.I.R. Studio In London

From the archives of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine, enjoy this in-depth discussion with legendary producer George Martin at A.I.R. Studio London, conducted by William Wolf. This article dates back to the January/February 1971 issue. William Wolf: What do the letters “A. I. R.” stand for? George Martin: Associated Independent Recordings. WW: Has A.I.R. done any independent production locating the talent, etc. as yet? GM: Yes, but not much. We left our respective companies just over five years ago — three of us left EMI and one left Decca — and we had to do a deal...

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